Green Genie - Cleaning your home to a perfect standard!

Green Genie supplies safe to use cleaning solutions to the domestic marketplace. Wherever possible we source safe alternatives to the everyday cleaning chemicals that are used in and around the home environment.

Cleaning chemicals are accepted as a natural part of the household, what is often ignored is the harsh aggressive nature of the chemicals. They have always been the accepted norm but when you look at it more closely they are in most cases products that can cause serious burns, cause severe irritation to skin, they are dangerous to breathe in etc. They are also in many cases damaging to the surfaces they are used upon.

When you think about it in that way the obvious question is why is it the norm. The answer is mainly that when cleaning chemicals were first needed there was simply no safe alternative. This is no longer the case and alternatives do exist.

Many companies have attempted to exploit this niche with varying degrees of success because very often the products supplied simply do not match the effectiveness of the major brand name products.

Green Genie is not just about products, we are also critically about cleaning methods and every cleaning method included on this site will match or better any traditional chemical in terms of effectiveness, we will guarantee an equal or in many cases an infinitely better result every time!

And best of all you will be carrying out your cleaning tasks with safe to use products & methods that are not caustic, toxic or corrosive. You will see a number of benefits from using Green Genie products and adopting our best practice methods.

  • Perfect results meaning a much cleaner brighter home.
  • No damage whatsoever to your surfaces, appliances & fixtures.

Green Genie is a work in progress, it will always be a work in progress because new breakthroughs in safe technologies will mean a constant evolving of products and methods to ensure you the customer receives the very best in safe cleaning results at all times.

We are committed to the replacement of cleaning chemicals with safe alternatives and we hope that over time using Green Genie safe products and best practice methods becomes the new norm for the domestic home.